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Bowls | Croquet | Tennis Court Maintenance

Whether it’s a tennis court mower, croquet green maintenance or bowls maintenance you need Dennis has the ideal product range for sports turf maintenance. Bowling mowers and bowling green mowers will keep your bowls club in perfect condition, croquet lawn maintenance is crucial and grass tennis court maintenance is provided by our tennis court mowers.

FT Range

FT Range

The Dennis FT interchangeable cassette system is the ideal mower for your bowling green, croquet lawn or tennis court. With 11 different cassette options including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as a 9 blade cutter cassette, the FT offers groundsmen maximum versatility from a single power unit. Cassettes can be changed over in approximately 60 seconds without the need for any tools. The FT range is the ideal tool for all your grass tennis court maintenance, croquet green maintenance and green bowling equipment requirements.
Razor Ultra 560

Razor Ultra 560

The Razor Ultra 560 has been developed to specifically meet the demands of bowling and croquet greens as well as tennis courts. The mower is perfect for croquet green maintenance and tennis court maintenance. This bowling green mower has a 560mm (22") cutting width and incorporates many key features, 11 bladed cutting cylinder, ultra short wheelbase for undulating surfaces, tungsten tipped groomer, click height adjusters and stub free transport wheels.


The Razor is a superbly balanced, easy to manoeuvre fine turf mower which is ideal for croquet lawns, bowling greens and grass tennis courts. An 11 bladed cutting cylinder ensures an ultra fine finish and has an ultra short wheelbase for undulating surfaces. This professional mower is designed with bowling green maintenance, croquet lawn maintenance and grass tennis court maintenenance in mind.
Super Six Range

Super Six Range

Built on the FT principle, the Super Six is almost the same with simpler height of cut adjustment and is ideal for bowling greens, croquet lawns and grass tennis courts. Available as 17" (43cm), 20" (51cm) and 24" (61cm) widths. Interchange cassette system giving option to fit 10 different heads including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as 5 or 9 blade cutter cassettes with 15 seconds changeover of cassettes.
G660, G760 & G860

G660, G760 & G860

Built on the FT principle these quality tennis court mowers are interchangeable cassette systems with one minute changeover giving options to fit 8 different heads including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers, slitters as well as 6 or 8 bladed cutter cassettes. Available as 26" (66cm), 30" (76cm) and 34" (86cm) widths. They are ideal for grass tennis court maintenance.
Premier Range

Premier Range

The Premier is an ideal tennis mower for all your grass tennis court maintenance requirements. The Dennis heavyweight 30" (76cm) and 36" (91cm) diesel powered dedicated machine, 3 section rear roller and steering brakes make this 350kg machine easy to manoever. Excellent stripe pattern and rolling characteristics.
Verticut TT

Verticut TT

This dedicated machine brings professional verticutting to every facility. With a 510mm (20") operating width and tungsten tipped blades, it is ideal for golf greens, bowls,cricket and ornamental lawns. Regular use of this machine will help reduce thatch, improve the sward and encourage finer grasses to flourish and increased ball speed on all surfaces.
S500 Plus

S500 Plus

The S500 PLUS is an easy to use 'dual -purpose' machine and is ideal for maintaining bowling greens, croquet lawns and grass tennis courts. The machine has a 510mm (20") operating width and has interchangeable spiker and slotter reels. The spiker reel punches through the "surface pan" allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the root zone, whilst the slotter reel creates ideal seed germination pockets. An optional seed box is available.
Bray Hand Tools

Bray Hand Tools

The hand slotters and spikers have interchangeable reels with replaceable wearing parts and are ideal for maintenance of small areas on a bowling green, croquet lawn or grass tennis court.


Bowls, croquet and tennis mower security is enhanced with a Mowersafe, which is suitable for any make of mower upto a 36" cutting width. Ideal for bowls, croquet and tennis clubs. Prevents a thief from rolling away your machine and coupled with the weight of the mower any attempt to carry away the machine is extremely difficult.

We used to have a push along sarel roller but like most clubs there were no volunteers to use it and it spent most of its time in the hedge bottom. The S500 gives us mechanised surface aeration. We can use it as the weather dictates and it keeps the green surface open. Drainage has improved, the plants are healthier and we have noticed a marked reduction in thatch.

Glyn Jones - Didcot Bowls Club

I use the Verticut TT at 15 bowling clubs across western Scotland. Faster greens is the result. I've hired it out to friends and they've been impressed too.

Derek Logue - Derek Logue Groundcare, Argyll, Scotland

We've had our FT and 5 cassettes for more than ten years adding cassettes as funds allow. It’s easy to use and noticeably improves the quality of the green. We recommend the machine to anyone who visits.

John White - Greenkeeper - Bannockburn Bowling Club

Our Dennis has done a lot to improve the quality of speed and running of the green. There was a noticeable difference within a month of buying it. We’re over the moon.

Bill Brady - Chairman - Wollaton Bowls Club

Surface spiking is essential to break the pan of any fine turf. Healthy grass plants need air to their roots to thrive, keeping the surface open. Regular spiking with the S500 - weekly ensures open greens.

Dave Bracey - Turf Consultant to the IOG, EBA, BCGBA & WCGBA
St. Austell Bowling Club in Cornwall has recently purchased a Dennis FT510 cylinder mower and range of cassettes.

Dennis FT510 Helps Bowling Club Maintain Its Busy Schedule

In 2014, St. Austell Bowling Club in Cornwall graced over 3,000 bowlers. With such an inundated fixture list, only the finest turf maintenance machinery would make this possible and the Dennis FT510 ensured that the reputable bowling club could keep to their busy schedule.

Dennis and SISIS Support Bowls Scotland Seminars

Dennis and SISIS have recently supported Bowls Scotland in a series of seminars held all over Scotland designed to help club greenkeepers and volunteers maintain their bowling greens.
Liskeard Bowling Club in Cornwall has recently purchased two Dennis FT510 cylinder mowers.

The Dennis FT510: Only Option for us

Derek Turner, greenkeeper at Liskeard Bowling Club in Cornwall, wanted to purchase a top quality cylinder mower that could manage the demands of a green that hosts 200 plus games per season. He put the question to fellow greenkeepers in the industry and there was only one answer - the Dennis FT510.

Dennis FT510 Receives Praise from Down Under

Ten years ago, Graeme ‘Scooter’ Wicks, managing director of Total Pitch Care in Perth, Australia, was looking for a high quality cricket mower. As a contractor with the task of maintaining a number of cricket venues, he needed a mower to keep the facilities in pristine condition. He found the solution on the other side of the world in the form a Dennis FT510 cylinder mower.

Dennis and SISIS Host Successful Bowling Green Maintenance Seminars

Dennis and SISIS have successfully hosted another series of informative bowling green maintenance seminars with more promised for later this year.
Dennis and SISIS have concluded their successful ‘on the green’ education seminars for spring 2014

Dennis & SISIS Complete Busy Spring Seminar Programme

Dennis and SISIS have concluded their successful ‘on the green’ education seminars for spring 2014, with a promise of further dates to be added for later in the year. The latest event, which was held at Backworth Miners Welfare Bowls Club in Newcastle upon Tyne and co-hosted with Greenlay Grass Machinery, was attended by nearly 40 greenkeepers as well as local authority personnel all eager to learn more about the maintenance of bowling greens.
Canonbie Bowls Club Greenkeeper Bill Mitchell chose a new Dennis FT510 after using the previous model for 15 years.

Dennis FT510 Stands the Test of Time at Scottish Bowls Club

Ask greenkeeper Bill Mitchell to name the most impressive feature on his new Dennis FT510 mower and the response is immediate: “It’s the fact I know that it will last at least ten years. We’ve used Dennis mowers at the bowls club for many years and in that time we’ve never had a single issue, so when we were purchasing a new one, I knew that Dennis would stand the test of time."
Dennis and SISIS have concluded their 2013 series of educational events with the recent bowling green maintenance seminars in Scotland.

Dennis & SISIS Bowls Seminars Get Seal of Approval North of the Border

Continuing its programme of working closely with end users, Dennis and SISIS have concluded their 2013 series of educational events with the recent bowling green maintenance seminars at Currie Bowling Club, near Edinburgh and Cardonald Bowling Club in Glasgow.

Dennis and SISIS Announce Scottish Bowls Seminar Dates

The next round of the Dennis and SISIS bowling green maintenance seminars has been announced, with the company heading to Currie Bowling Club, Near Edinburgh on 1st October before moving on to Cardonald Bowling Club in Glasgow on 2nd October.
Long Beach BC purchased a Dennis FT610 to meet their bowling green maintenance requirements

Long Beach Lawn Bowls Club Choose Dennis FT610

Following an extensive worldwide search for new bowling green maintenance equipment, Long Beach Lawn Bowls Club in California have recently purchased a Dennis FT610 with 10 blade cutting, verticutting and brush cassettes, cassette storage system and a Bray hand seed slotter.
The recent Dennis and SISIS bowls seminar at Meole Brace Bowling Club in Shrewsbury were extremely enjoyable and informative for the 50 strong attende

Latest Dennis and SISIS Bowls Seminar a Success

Dennis and SISIS have concluded their spring 2013 series of educational events with the recent bowls seminar at Meole Brace Bowling Club in Shrewsbury. Committed to educating greenkeepers on how to maintain and look after bowling greens, the British manufacturer was pleased with the event which saw over 50 people attend the day which encompassed a mix of technical presentations and demonstrations 'on the green'.
Putting Experience Into Practice

Putting Experience Into Practice

As a county veteran team player, Welsh Bowling Association Advanced Coach and Level 1 IOG qualified Greenkeeper, Montgomery Bowling Club member, Mike Beloe is a man who knows the game, how to care for a bowls green and also achieve the best possible playing surface. The club has existed since 1783, making it one of the oldest in the country.
Dennis mower is at the heart of the community

Dennis mower is at the heart of the community

Hollyfields Bowls Club has an interesting history: bowls players from the Dunlop Tyre Factory at Erdington moved to the ground in 1998 when their own facility was lost during the company’s rationalisation. The club had been run by former British Gas workers, but had recently been disbanded, so fortuitously the green was ready for new custodians.
Dennis greens mower looks sharp at Ewhurst Bowls Club

Dennis greens mower looks sharp at Ewhurst Bowls Club

A Razor Ultra 560 bowling green mower from Dennis is proving a hit with the dedicated professional and amateur team who look after the green at Ewhurst Bowls Club in Surrey. Chairman and Green Steward Richard Tabor explains that the top quality greens mower was chosen for its ease of operation, precise cut and superb finish.

Dennis S500 Plus eases the workload at Bush Hill Park

Celebrating its centenary year in 2012, the club originally focused on croquet, but now has 116 bowls members. Maintenance of the greens is handled by contractors in the winter months, starting with renovation at the end of the season, and continuing with scarifcation, spiking and reseeding to prepare the playing surfaces for the new season. In April, a ‘greens team’ from the club’s membership takes over, including 2011 captain David Cruddington, working to a rota under the direction of greenkeeper Bill Bunn.

FT is great in Yarmouth

Against the backdrop of the ‘Golden Mile’ and expansive sandy beaches, a Dennis FT610 mower is hard at work keeping Great Yarmouth’s Britannia Bowling Greens in tip top condition. The greens maintenance team at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, who look after seven greens in total, have their work cut out during the month of September, when the popular seaside resort plays host to The Festival of Bowls each year.

Groundsmen and Greenkeepers bowled over by Dennis Seminar

Rounding off their 2010 Spring Seminar programme, Dennis Mowers recently held a Fine Turf Maintenance Seminar at Uxbridge Cricket Club. The event was organised in conjunction with Richard Taylor Machinery of Aylesbury who was delighted with the attendance figures. Over 50 Groundsmen heard presentations from Richard Brown of British Seed Houses, Geoff Yelland from AmegA Sciences and grounds maintenance expert Dave Bracey.
Dennis 'ead back from up north

Dennis 'ead back from up north

Whilst the outdoor conditions weren’t great more than 150 groundsmen heard presentations from Richard Brown of British Seed Houses, Roy Daniels from the IOG, Dr Christian Spring, Jay Dobson and Fiona Crossly from the STRI, Ian Henderson from Golf Finance and grounds maintenance expert, Dave Bracey. Bowls Clubs, Local Authorities, Contractors and private users were amongst the attendees keeping the speakers busy with questions from the floor.
Latest bowls tips and advice from Dennis

Latest bowls tips and advice from Dennis

Speakers from Dennis are Alan Ronaldson (Scottish venues) and Toby Clarke (Yorkshire), providing an insight into the company’s market leading range of machinery for bowling green maintenance with ‘on green’ demonstrations. Seminar delegates will get the chance to inspect the new Razor Ultra 560 mower and S500 Plus spiker/slotter at close quarters and learn how these exciting new machines can improve playing conditions on greens.
Fineness of leaf and closenuss of cut makes for super smooth Bowls Green

Fineness of leaf and closenuss of cut makes for super smooth Bowls Green

Dennis mowers are famous for their Bowls seminars, but the one held recently at the Ye Olde Knowle Bowling Club contained a surprise for British Seed Houses. Harvey Brereton, greenkeeper at ENTACO Bowls Club, Studley, Warwickshire, was a delegate at that Seminar and extolled the virtues of the close mowing he got from his 12 year old Dennis FT510 - so much so he’s put a new one on his wish list!

Dennis equips groundsmen with modern tips for a beautiful bowling green

Whomsoever they may be, they all share the same passion as those who attended a recent seminar aimed at helping green keepers to improve their bowling green; whatever the ground conditions. Hosted by Dennis Mowers, and supported by Parks and Grounds Machinery Ltd., the event took place at Ye Olde Knowle Bowls Club in Dorridge, Solihull.
Powered Aerators

Powered Aerators

Powered aerators keep bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts in prime condition and Sisis offer the Supaturfman and Dart for your fine turf requirements. The Supaturfman and Dart are independently powered and include a choice of interchangeable tines.
Powered Scarifiers

Powered Scarifiers

Powered scarifiers are essential for removal and control of thatch on fine turf. The Sisis Auto Rotorake Mk.5, Rotorake 450 and Rotorake 602/602S are ideal for bowling green maintenance, croquet lawn maintenance and tennis court maintenance.

Spreaders & Top Dressers

The Sisis Truspred is a hand operated seeder and top dresser that is the choice of professionals looking after lawn bowling greens, croquet lawns and grass tennis courts. It is simple to set spreading rates with Truspred and its carrier wheels permit spread right to the edge of bowling greens.


The Sisis Trulevel is a bowling green roller that can also be used for maintenance of croquet lawns and tennis courts.Over-riding action on slight hollows allows level areas to be firmly rolled, whilst low areas are left, so that the playing surface is progressively levelled. Outer rollers can be raiesed concentrating the whole weight on the centtre cylinder if required.
Hand Operated Tools

Hand Operated Tools

The wide range of Sisis hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your bowling greens, croquet lawns and tennis courts.

A small selection of our clients are detailed below:


Waterloo Bowls Club
Chadsmore Progressive Bowls Club
Sir Francis Drake (Plymouth) Bowls Club
Wimbledon (The AELTC)
Queens Club
Nottingham Tennis Centre

February Maintenance

Many greens will have suffered as a consequence of the recent poor weather and changing soil and air temperatures. Grass growth will slow if temperatures remain below 5 degrees Celsius. Also, the recent snow cover may have incubated and promoted an outbreak of fusarium or snow mold disease. Depending on its severity, it will probably need a dose of fungicide to keep it under control.

March Maintenance

Many greens have taken a battering from the recent poor weather, especially those who suffered long periods of snow cover, after which they suffered from various degrees of disease damage.

April Maintenance

April sees the start of the new bowling season with many bowlers desperate to get on the greens and get some much-needed practice and matches. Green speeds are likely to be slow to start with due to the fact that many greens are wet, lush and bumpy.

May Maintenance

With April being one of the driest and warmest on record , it comes as no surprise that may clubs are desperate for some rain, particularly those with little or no adequate watering facilities.

July Maintenance

July will be a busy month for bowling clubs; there is usually a high demand for play, with many clubs involved in domestic competitions. Greens could well be in play on a daily basis. Coupled with the long daylight hours and warm temperatures, grass growth will be quite prolific, if there is plenty of moisture about.

August Maintenance

It would seem the weather front has finally changed, for the better in terms of promoting grass growth on your bowling greens. The recent downpours have replenished the greens adequately to stimulate some much needed growth. Many greens will benefit from a feed during these conditions, as the moisture will activate any granular applied fertiliser products.

September Maintenance

The weather this year has been quite challenging, the dry spring set the scene for what was going to be a tough year for greens maintenance. There has been a lot of dry patch on many greens, especially crown greens where water runoff is more prevalent. Clubs with adequate watering facilities will not have suffered too badly; however, clubs with limited water resources will have struggled to control the problem and may be faced with having large areas of dead grass on their greens.

October Maintenance

Ideally, end of season renovations should have been completed by now, making good use of the favourable weather conditions. However, we still see a number of clubs playing late on to the end of September. For many clubs who do not have adequate watering facilities, the recent dry weather has had a detrimental effect on their greens in terms of them drying out.

November Maintenance

There is no such thing as putting the green to bed and forgetting about it until the spring. It is important to keep the sward cut (topped) at between 10-12mm and carry out regular aeration and brushing to keep the surface clean and open to the elements. A dose of liquid iron would not go amiss, this helps harden the grass plant and maintain some colour.

December Maintenance

Up to the last week in November, many parts of the country where still experiencing spells of mild weather, soil and air temperatures in double figures, with grass still growing. This mild weather was also exacerbating a lot of fungal disease, with outbreaks of fusarium and red thread causing the most concerns.

January Maintenance

As a new year begins, it is perhaps a good time to reflect on what you have achieved last year, and then plan what you want to achieve in the coming year. Keeping records and monitoring the performance of your turf facility should be encouraged. How can we be expected to know how to improve the condition of the sward if we do not recognise or understand its current state?

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