Cricket Grounds Maintenance

Whether it's a cricket wicket mower, cricket square mower or a cricket outfield mower Dennis have the ideal product range for cricket ground maintenance. From cricket aeration to cricket scarifying, Cricket pitches have to be in tip-top condition throughout the season and Dennis has the full range of equipment for the complete turf maintenance, lawn mowing and ground maintenance that your cricket club - and cricket pitch - needs.

FT Range

The Dennis FT interchangeable cassette system is the ideal cricket wicket and square mower. With a choice of 11 different cassette options including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as a 9 blade cutter cassette, the FT offers groundsmen maximum versatility from a single power unit. Cassettes can be changed over in approx 60 seconds without the need for any tools.

Razor Ultra 560

The Razor Ultra 560 has been developed to specifically meet the demands of cricket pitches. The mower is perfect for cutting the cricket wicket or square. This cricket pitch mower has a 560mm (22") cutting width and incorporates many key features, 11 bladed cutting cylinder, ultra short wheelbase for undulating surfaces, tungsten tipped groomer, click height adjusters and stub free transport wheels.


The Razor is a superbly balanced, easy to manoeuvre fine turf mower which is ideal for cricket pitches, cricket squares and cricket wickets. An 11 bladed cutting cylinder ensures an ultra fine finish and has an ultra short wheelbase for undulating surfaces. This professional mower is designed with cricket pitch maintenance in mind.
Simplex Range

Simplex Range

Our newest machine, strong, simple design with 20" (51cm) and 24" (61cm) cutting widths. Excellent quality cut for this dedicated professional mower. Ideal for cricket square preparation and turf maintenance.
G560 and G680

G560 and G680

Strong, reliable big cylinder technology dedicated mowers for ornamental and sports turf with large capacity box and heavy duty drive system. Available as 22" (56cm) and 27" (68cm).
Super Six Range

Super Six Range

An ideal cricket square mower built on the FT principle, the Super Six is almost the same with simpler height of cut adjustment. Available as 17" (43cm), 20" (51cm) and 24" (61cm) widths. Interchange cassette system giving option to fit 10 different heads including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as 5 or 9 blade cutter cassettes with 15 seconds changeover of cassettes.

G660, G760 and G860

Cricket square or outfield mowers with an interchangeable cassette system. Groundsmen achieve maximum machine versatility by choosing from a selection of 11 different cassettes including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers, slitters as well as 6 or 8 bladed cutter cylinders. Cassettes can be changed over in approx 60 seconds.
Premier Range


A superbly balanced cricket square and cricket outfield mower available in both 30" (76cm) and 36" (91cm) cutting widths with either diesel or petrol engine and an electric start. Excellent stripe pattern and rolling characteristics. Available with an attachable seat option.

S500 Plus

The S500 PLUS is an easy to use 'dual-purpose' machine and is ideal for maintaining cricket pitches. The machine has a 510mm (20") operating width and has interchangeable spiker and slotter reels. The spiker reel punches through the "surface pan" allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the root zone, whilst the slotter reel creates ideal seed germination pockets. An optional seed box is available.

Bray Slotters and Tools

The hand slotters and spikers have interchangeable reels with replaceable wearing parts and are ideal for maintenance of small areas on a cricket pitch.

Gang Mowers

An ideal cricket outfield mower with 24" (61cm) cutter units sold in sets of 3 with towing hitch for ball or jaw attachment. Excellent at 5-7mph for cutting larger areas. Minimum 12hp tow unit required.


Cricket mower security is enhanced with a Mowersafe, which is suitable for any make of mower upto a 36" cutting width. Ideal for cricket clubs, local authorities and schools. Prevents a thief from rolling away your machine and coupled with the mower's weight, any attempt to carry away the machine is extremely difficult.

We can't fault it. The proper tool for the job. We use the Razor to prepare the square and strip - it's so easy to adjust the height of cut. It does what it says on the tin.

Lee Collison - Groundsman & Treasurer - Risley Cricket Club

The FT510 is British Engineering at its best.

Paul Mitcham - Groundsman - Braunton Cricket Club

The FT510 is such a good quality mower, I would definitely buy another when we need one, if at all. I reckon this mower will last forever.

Michael Rinaldi - Groundsman - Haverhill Cricket Club
Over 200 cricket groundsmen attended the recent Dennis and SISIS cricket groundsmen seminar held at St Albans School Trust.

HOWZAT! Dennis and SISIS Cricket Seminar Attracts over 200 Groundsmen

Over 200 cricket groundsmen made their way to Dennis and SISIS’ cricket seminar hosted by St Albans School Trust where they refreshed their education on a variety of topics.

Dennis & SISIS to Host Informative Cricket Groundsman’s Seminar

Dennis & SISIS have announced that they will be holding their popular cricket seminar on February 17th, where groundsmen in the sport will be able to refresh their education on a variety of topics.
Charlie Yeomans, Head Groundsman at the University of Warwick has chosen a Dennis Razor Ultra 560 mower for his cricket wickets.

Dennis Razor Ultra Chosen for Consistent Finish

The proven reliability and consistent finish achieved by Charlie Yeomans, Head Groundsman at the University of Warwick and his existing Dennis cricket wicket mower made the British manufacturer the obvious choice when he was looking to purchase a new model.
The Dennis Razor Ultra was chosen as Bryen's cricket mower

Dennis & SISIS Helping Folkestone's County Cricket Bid

Dennis and SISIS cricket turf maintenance equipment are playing a leading role in Folkestone Cricket Club's plans to host county cricket for the first time since 1991.
Dennis and Sisis announce a new partnership with Club Cricket Conference

New Partnership is good for Clubs and their Pitches

Dennis and SISIS, whose turf maintenance equipment is widely used by cricket groundsman at all levels, are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Club Cricket Conference

Dennis and SISIS not out for 100!

Dennis & SISIS scored a well-earned '6' with over 150 delegates attending their recent Seminar at The County Ground. The programme for the day was kicked off by the company's Area Sales Manager, Robert Jack, who welcomed delegates and thanked the event's sponsors for their additional support.
Prestatyn Cricket Club with their mowers

Dennis Mowers Help Restore Cricket Club To Highest Standards

Founded in 1895, Prestatyn Cricket Club in North Wales has had a dramatic history, and over the last 20 years Dennis mowers have helped restore the club’s pitch to a standard named the best in the Bridging Finance Solutions Liverpool & District Cricket Competition in 2011. In 1990, the area was hit by the Towyn floods which forced more than 2000 people to be evacuated from their homes when the sea defences failed.
Dennis & SISIS are Sussex bound to start their 2013 seminar programme

Dennis & SISIS are Sussex bound to start their 2013 seminar programme

Cricket Groundsmen will shortly have the opportunity to refresh their education on how to maintain their pitches, courtesy of Dennis & SISIS. The company are once again showing their commitment to turf professionals by staging a seminar in conjunction with Andy Mackay, host and Head Groundsman at Sussex County Cricket Club, in Hove on Thursday 28th February 2013.
L-R: Jim Clarke, the Dealer and Andrew Richards

First Class Results At Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury School Head Groundsman Andrew Richards is testament to the belief that when you find machinery that works, you stick with it and his seventeen years spent using Dennis mowers proves the point. Andrew is keen to pass on this knowledge and experience and earlier this year he was involved at the School with a Dennis/Sisis Seminar & demonstration day when a number of Shropshire Cricket Club groundsmen were in attendance.

Dennis and Sisis host Swalec Cricket Groundsmans seminar

Continuing its commitment to thought provoking seminars, Dennis & SISIS recently held one for Cricket Groundsmen at the SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff. Keith Exton, Head Groundsman of Glamorgan CCC, together with his Chief Executive Alan Hamer welcomed over 130 delegates to the seminar, all no doubt keen to visit a test match ground and learn from the experts.
Packed programme at Dennis SISIS Groundsman Seminar

Packed programme at Dennis Sisis Groundsman Seminar

Dennis & SISIS concluded their 2011 series of educational events with the recent Groundsman cricket seminar at Essex County Cricket Ground. With Stuart Kerrison, Head Groundsman at Essex CCC, as the host, the programme took on a slightly different format to previous seminars as it extended into the evening and included a floodlit tour of the ground.

Dennis scores at Felixstowe Cricket Club

Home to two teams competing in the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship (Feeder League to the East Anglian Premier League) on Saturdays, the club has a link with neighbours F&CY Cricket Club (U9 to U18). This allows them to play a mixture of youngsters and senior players in the F&CY Cricket Club’s Sunday teams, giving the younger players an introduction to senior cricket.
Dennis/SISIS to Host Cricket Groundsmen Seminar

Dennis/SISIS to Host Cricket Groundsmen Seminar

Following their Cricket seminar at Uxbridge Cricket Club earlier this year, Dennis and SISIS are once again offering cricket groundsmen the opportunity to attend this successful seminar. The venue this time is Essex County Cricket Club in Chelmsford and the date is Tuesday 22nd November 2011, commencing at 9.00am.

Dennis completes the "Follow On"

After a very successful Fine Turf Seminar at Uxbridge County Cricket Club last year, Dennis recently returned for a repeat performance. Hosted once again by Vic Demain, in conjunction with Dennis and the focus this time was to support local cricket Groundsmen in the Middlesex and surrounding counties.
Howzat - Dennis to host cricket groundsmen seminar

Howzat - Dennis to host cricket groundsmen seminar

Following on from a successful series of seminars in 2010, Dennis Mowers is now focusing its attention on the specific needs of Cricket groundsmen. Hosted by Uxbridge Cricket Club, in conjunction with Dennis and Cricketworld, the specialist seminar will take place on Thursday 10th February 2011 (9.30am registration).

Versatile Dennis cricket mower just the job for part time groundsmen

A Dennis cricket pitch mower is providing a flexible solution for the enthusiastic grounds team at Braunton Cricket Club in Devon. Paul Mitcham, Chairman of Braunton Cricket Club, juggles a busy career as a driving instructor with maintaining the playing condition of the pitch. He explains: “We used professional groundstaff for about 10 years but due to financial restraints, myself and a colleague at the club, who is a policeman, decided to take over and share the responsibilities. We loved the work involved so we really didn’t mind!”
Tractor mounted deep aerators

Powered Slitters

The Sisis Autoslit is a deep slitter suitable for use on fine or outfield turf making it ideal for cricket ground maintenance. It has a deep slitting action with minimal surface marking.
Tractor Mounted Deep Slitters

Tractor Mounted Deep Slitters

Sisis Megaslit, Maxislit and Multislit are deep slitters suitable for use on fine or outfield turf. Their deep clean slitting action with minimal surface marking are ideal for cricket ground maintenance requirements.
Powered Aerators

Powered Aerators

Powered aerators keep cricket pitches, cricket wickets and cricket outfields in prime condition and Sisis offer the Arrow Aer-Aid, Arrow, Supaturfman and Dart for your cricket ground maintenance requirements. These aerators are independently powered.
Powered Scarifiers

Powered Scarifiers

Powered scarifiers are essential for removal and control of thatch on sports fields including cricket pitches. The Sisis Auto Rotorake Mk5, Rotorake 450 and Rotorake 602 & 602S are powered scarifiers suited to cricket ground maintenance. They are heavy duty machines to suit your cricket scarifier needs.
Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

The Sisis Veemo Mk2 and Rotorake TM1000 tractor mounted scarifiers are used for maximum thatch removal and offer fast ground coverage, ideal for large areas such as cricket pitches and all elements of cricket ground maintenance.
Tractor Mounted Sweepers

Tractor Mounted Sweepers

The Sisis range of tractor-mounted sweepers include two - Litamina 1200 & 1500 and Litamisa 1800 - which can be used on cricket pitches. The Litamina and Litamisa sweep and collect all kinds of surface debris aiding cricket ground maintenance.
Spreaders & Top Dressers

Spreaders & Top Dressers

The Sisis Autospred and Powaspred are both ideally suited for cricket ground maintenance. Both have infinitely variable spreading rates and an oscillating base plate to reduce bridging.


The Sisis Variseeder 1300 is a versatile tractor-mounted seeder that is ideal for cricket pitch maintenance. Its seeding rate is variable and is simple and accurate to set by Zero-Max box lending itself well to use on crciket pitches, wickets and outfields.
Spreaders & Top Dressers

Implement Mounted Frames

Single pass maintenance system incorporates a mounted frame which accepts a variety of different implements for use on both turf and hard porous surfaces.
Implement Frames

Implement Frames

The Sisis Towed Implement Frame is designed specifically for daily maintenance fo artificial surfaces, keeping it in good playing condition and maximising surface life. Ideal for towing behind small compact garden tractors and perfect for cricket ground maintenance.
Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

The Sisis Osca 3 is a tractor mounted oscillating brush that is equally effective on natural and synthetic turf. This means it is ideally suited for a range of requirements from artificial pitches to sports fields, especially cricket grounds.
Tractor Mounted Brushes

Tractor Mounted Brushes

The versatility of Sisis's tractor mounted brushes - Varibrush and Flexibrush mean they are ideal tools for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance as well as cricket ground maintenance.
Ride On Brushes

Ride On Brushes

Sisis's ride-on brush systems - Ribbi and Rosca - comprise mid-mounted oscillating brush units and rear-mounted brushes and are suited for cricket pitch maintenance.
Line Markers

Line Markers

The Sisis Truline has a unique, continuous belt system which ensures positive adhesion to the surface and a continuous supply of marking liquid. Ideal for sports field where line marking is crucial, the truline is versatile enough to be used for cricket ground maintenance.


The Sisis Trulevel is a bowling green roller that can also be used for maintenance of cricket wickets. Over-riding action on slight hollows allows level areas to be firmly rolled, whilst low areas are left, so that the playing surface is progressively levelled. Outer rollers can be raiesed concentrating the whole weight on the centtre cylinder if required.


The Sisis Dragmat is a towed dragmat with a working width of 270 cm (9 feet) used for a wide variety of surfaces and applications. It is suited to cricket pitches. Fast, effective matting-in of sand, top dressings and fertilisers is provided by the dragmat.
Hand Operated Tools

Hand Operated Tools

The wide range of Sisis hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your cricket pitch - from cricket wickets to cricket squares and cricket outfields

A small selection of our clients are detailed below:


ClientMowerWeb Address
Lord's Cricket Ground Dennis Premier
Durham CCC Dennis Premier
Glamorgan CCC Dennis FT
Sussex CCC Dennis FT
Warwickshire CCC Dennis FT
Elvaston CC Dennis Simplex
Cultural Mowing

February Maintenance

February sees the beginning of a number of activities such as, brushing, verti-cutting, mowing, light rolling and fertilising to prepare the sward/grass surfaces for the forth-coming playing season. After a harsh winter of snow and frosts, the key to these activities is timing as each operation is weather dependent.
Getting ready

March Maintenance

As we move out of winter, and with spring just around the corner, we are hoping the worst of the winter weather is behind us. With the increased daylight hours, milder weather and warmer temperatures, this should stimulate some much needed grass growth.
Mowing and Fertilising

April Maintenance

After a winter of snow, rain and freezing temperatures it is surprising how quickly the weather can change and influence ground conditions. With spring on its way and summer just around the corner, soil temperatures will soon begin to rise, stimulating some much needed growth.
Planning your pitch requirements

May Maintenance

April has provided us with one of the driest months on record for 50 years, in some parts of the UK, promoting ideal conditions for pre season rolling, pitch preparations and out field maintenance. Ironically though, this unusually dry spell of weather does have cause for concerns.

June Maintenance

We should now be well into the cricket season, with ground staff working hard to produce quality playing surfaces for their clubs. The recent hot sunny weather and drying winds may certainly have had an affect on the square, rapidly drying out the playing surfaces and, in some cases, cause some severe cracking of the soil profiles.
Pitch repairs - renovations

July Maintenance

Flaming JUNE - flaming heck more like. Whilst June turned out to be a month of sunshine, showers and prolonged rain around the country, in some parts anyway!
After Care of the Wicket

August Maintenance

July was certainly a testing month for many groundsmen with the weather dictating the extent of works required. Many parts of the country were experiencing extreme weather fronts, with some areas experiencing drought conditions whilst others were having heavy thundery showers.
Pitch Preparation

September Maintenance

September can be the busiest time for some groundsmen. Those who have a few weeks left of their season will be busy planning end of season activities, whilst others will be turning their attentions to more important issues such as end of season renovations.

October Maintenance

As the curtain falls on yet another season, the weather for the start of October sees record temperatures around the country, reaching as high as 29.4 degrees in the south.
Worm treatments

November Maintenance

As summer time ends and winter begins, renovation programmes on cricket squares should by now have been completed. With the north of England and Scotland suffering from high winds and low pressure systems, the Midlands and Southern parts are basking in warm day time temperatures, which, continuing into October has certainly helped in getting germination on the square.

December Maintenance

Hopefully, by now, you should have managed to complete your end of season renovations and germination has been successful and any loam dressings will by now have settled down. It is important to go into the winter months with a good sward cover.

January Maintenance

With a mild winter being experienced by many so far, and below average rain fall in some parts, January's weather can be fairly unpredictable, with snow, rain and freezing temperatures that are not always conducive to your planned winter maintenance regimes. Many grounds may well be saturated, preventing you from doing any work to the square or the outfield.

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