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Whether it's a football pitch mower, football ground mower, or rugby pitch mower you need Dennis has the ideal product range to suit your sports club maintenance needs. Dennis football field and rugby pitch maintenance equipment will keep your football pitch in prime condition. Artifical turf also needs to be kept in good shape for hockey clubs and our maintenance equipment is perfect for synthetic turf.



Darren Baldwin - Grounds Manager - Tottenham Hotspur FC

The Dennis has a great cut quality imperative in producing the perfect surface with strong
stripes to keep players, managers and of course spectators happy. With TV coverage worldwide
the look is so important.

Jonathan Calderwood - Head Groundsman - Aston Villa FC

I have used other mowers that copied the cassette system employed by Dennis, but none have come close to it in terms of performance and the quality of the aesthetically pleasing striped finish on the turf.

Dean Gilesby - Head Groundsman - Llanelli Scarlets RFC

I personally think they are the best cylinder mower on the market.

Carl Pass - Managing Director - Premier Pitches

On completion of our pitch reconstruction projects we always recommend the client uses Dennis machines.

Groundsman of the year praises Dennis Mowers

The 2015/16 Sky Bet Championship Groundsman of the Season, Nathan Scarff, has praised his fleet of Dennis cylinder mowers.

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SISIS Products

Hand Operated Tools

Hand Operated Tools

The wide range of SISIS hand operated tools will enable you to effectively maintain your football pitches, hockey pitches and rugby pitches


The SISIS Dragmat is a towed dragmat with a working width of 270 cm (9 feet) used for a wide variety of surfaces and applications. It is suited to sports fields - from football fields to hockey and rugby pitches. Fast, effective matting-in of sand, top dressings and fertilisers is provided by the dragmat.
Line Markers

Line Markers

The SISIS Truline has a unique, continuous belt system which ensures positive adhesion to the surface and a continuous supply of marking liquid. Ideal for sports field where line marking is crucial, the truline is versatile enough to be used for football, hockey, and rugby where clear, accuarte line marking is essential.
Ride-On Brushes

Ride On Brushes

SISIS's range of ride-on brushes - Robbi and Brush-Pro - incorporate mid-mounted oscillating brush units and rear-mounted brushes which are ideal for maintenance of football pitches, rugby pitches and hockey pitches.
Tractor Mounted Brushes

Tractor Mounted Brushes

The versatility of SISIS Flexibrush and Varibrush mean they are ideal for sports field maintenance. Essential brushing of football, rugby and hockey pitches is carried out by these Sisis products.
Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

Tractor Mounted Powered Brushes

The SISIS Osca 3 is a tractor mounted oscillating brush that is equally effective on natural and synthetic turf. This means it is ideally suited for a range of requirements and will keep hockey, football and rugby pitches in excellent condition.
Implement Frames

Implement Frames

The SISIS Towed Implement Frame is designed specifically for daily maintenance fo sports field surfaces, keeping football, hockey and rugby pitches in good playing condition and maximising surface life. Ideal for towing behind small compact garden tractors.
Implement Mounted Frames

Implement Mounted Frames

Single pass maintenance system incorporates a mounted frame which accepts a variety of different implements for use on both turf and hard porous surfaces. The system is ideal for use on football, hockey and rugby pitches.


The SISIS Variseeder 1300 is a versatile tractor-mounted seeder that is ideal for sports field turf maintenance. Its seeding rate is variable and is simple and accurate to set by Zero-Max box lending itself well to use on football pitches hockey pitches and rugby pitches.
Spreaders & Top Dressers

Spreaders & Top Dressers

The SISIS Autospred and Powaspred are both ideally suited for football pitch, rugby pitch and hockey pitch maintenance. Both have infinitely variable spreading rates and an oscillating base plate to reduce bridging.
Tractor Mounted Sweepers

Tractor Mounted Sweepers

The SISIS range of tractor-mounted sweepers comprises three products - Litamina 1200 & 1500, Litamisa 1800 and SSS1000 and all three can be used on football, hockey and rugby pitches. The Litamina and Litamisa sweep and collect all kinds of surface debris while the SSS1000 is a rotary brush.
Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

The SISIS Veemo Mk2 and Rotorake TM1000 tractor mounted scarifiers are used for maximum thatch removal and offer fast ground coverage, ideal for large sports fields such as football pitches, rugby pitches and hockey pitches.
Rotorake 602 & 602S

Powered Scarifiers

Powered scarifiers are essential for removal and control of thatch on sports fields. The SISIS Rotorake 602 & 602S is the powered scarifier best suited to football pitch, hockey pitch and rugby pitch maintenance as it is a heavy-duty scarifier, de-thatcher and line aerator with an optional seeder available.
Powered Aerators

Powered Aerators

Powered aerators keep football pitches, hockey pitches and hockey pitches in prime condition and SISIS offer the Arrow Aer-Aid and Arrow for your sports field maintenance requirements. These aerators are independently powered vertical-action aerators.
Tractor Mounted Aerators

Tractor Mounted Aerators

The SISIS range of tractor-mounted aerators comprises four machines which are suitable for sports field maintenance. The Multitiner 1.8m, Multitiner 1.2m, Mounted Rolaspike and Javelin Aer-Aid are versatile machines which can be used for football pitch, hockey pitch and rugby pitch turf maintenance. The Multitiner machines are tractor-mounted drum aerator, the Rolaspike is a tractor-mounted Sarel type roller and the Javelin is a vertical action, air-injection aerator.
Powered Slitters

Powered Slitters

The SISIS Autoslit is a deep slitter suitable for use on fine or outfield turf, making it ideal for sports field, golf course and amenity turf maintenance. It has a deep slitting action with minimal surface marking. This versatile machine offers a choice of interchangeable tines to suit different ground conditions and incorporates a rear smoothing roller.
Tractor Mounted Deep Slitters

Tractor Mounted Deep Slitters

SISIS Megaslit, Maxislit and Multislit are deep slitters suitable for use on fine or outfield turf. Their deep clean slitting action with minimal surface marking are ideal for football pitch, hockey pitch and rugby pitch maintenance requirements.


A small selection of our clients are detailed below

Harlequins RUFC
Leicester Tigers
Liverpool FC
Arsenal FC
Manchester United FC
Chelsea FC

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Why Dennis

A name you can trust. . . .

The Dennis reputation for quality began in 1922 and has grown ever since. Quality influences our approach at every stage and shapes our attitude towards delivering excellent equipment capable of creating a world class finish every time.

We're part of your world. . . .

Team Dennis work harder to offer more support to more customers more of the time, whether at grass roots level or with professional users. That’s why you’ll see our machines on the best pitches, greens and fine lawns around the world.

Team Dennis. . . .

At every stage of the lifecycle of a Dennis mower our team of engineers and sales support are here to help you with any technical advice. We are committed to deliver the highest levels of customer service with website, videos, catalogues, advice and help. The dealerships that represent Dennis products are carefully selected to ensure customers receive first class professional support. Whatever you need, our dealers will always be there to help.

Solid Engineering with a refined feel. . . .

Take hold of a Dennis mower and you'll feel the difference immediately. Solidly built, well balanced and a joy to operate.

Next Day spare parts. . . .

At Dennis we understand the importance of reducing machine downtime so we carry a vast stock of spare parts. In addition, our online resource of operator manuals makes it even easier to identify the correct part number.

Design and Development. . . .

Renowned for innovation and continuous evolution of product through customer driven feedback and utilising the latest design technologie.


Crystal Palace FC purchase six Dennis G860 mowers

Bruce Elliot, head of grounds and estates at Crystal Palace Football Club tells us why the club have purchased six new Dennis G860 mowers complete with interchangeable cassettes.

Dennis G860 & Dennis Premier mowers at Derby County FC

Derby County Football Club Head Groundsman Nathan Scarff talks about why he has chosen to use Dennis G860 and Dennis Premier mowers.

Bury FC choose Dennis G860 mower

Michael Curtis, Head Groundsman at Bury F.C’s JD Stadium at Gigg Lane, says the main reason he purchased the G860 was because of the machines weight. At just 166kg it is one of the lightest machines designed specifically for stadium pitch mowing on the market. Equally impressive is the G860’s versatility.

West Ham head groundsman opts for Dennis G860

The pitch condition at West Ham United FC's Upton Park is maintained by two Dennis G860 mowers. The Dennis G860 is proving to be the number one choice for Premier League groundsmen and it’s easy to see why football’s finest stadiums are turning to this machine.

Dennis G860 maintains high standards at Cambridge United

Following the recent promotion from the Conference Premier to the Football League for the first time in nine years, Cambridge United FC have purchased a Dennis G860 professional mower complete with a range of interchangeable cassettes to maintain the high standards set by award winning head groundsman Ian Darler.

Dennis G860 at Hibernian FC

The Dennis G860 interchangeable cassette machine cutting the pitch at Easter Road home of Hibernian Football Club. Head Groundsman Colin Fraser discusses the reasons why he likes the Dennis machine.