Gang Mowers

24" (61cm) cutter units sold in sets of 3 with towing hitch for ball or jaw attachment. Excellent at 5-7mph for cutting larger areas. Minimum 12hp tow unit required

Gang Mowers Specification

 Gang Mowers
Set of 3 (including towbar) D015
Cutting Width Width of cut for 3 units is 1750mm (69”)
Cylinder 5 bladed
Height of Cut 6 - 30mm (1/4 - 1 1/4")
Cutter Performance 30 cuts/m (35 cuts/yd)
Dimensions L x W x H 508 x 840 x 330mm
Weight (approx) 50 kg (110 lbs)
Engine Requires min 12hp tractor
Drive System Ground driven
Speed of Operation Max 10 kph (7mph)

Gang Mowers Features & Benefits

  • 24" (610mm) cutting units
  • 69” (1750mm) cutting width as a set of 3
  • 50mm ball or jaw hitch to suit
  • Sheffield steel 5 bladed cylinder and bottom blade
  • Cast iron wheels and ribbed rubber tyres for positive drive to cylinders
  • Sealed no maintenance rear rollers with scrapers for even height of cut
  • Easy to dismantle frame assembly
  • Low maintenance units
  • Free wheel reverse ensures safe transport
  • Robust construction gives a quality cut without bouncing
  • Easy positive height of cut adjustment on the quality rear roller. Scraper bar fitted to ensure even height of cut.
  • Simple to set bottom blade to cylinder adjustment ensures that the units are always on cut. The deflector plate is adjustable for even throw of mown clippings.
  • 50mm ball or jaw hitch to suit most types of mower means the units can be quickly detached from the tractor unit.

Optional Items

Tug bar

Tug bar for easy transport of each unit for storage