Verticut TT

This dedicated machine brings professional verticutting to every facility. With a 510mm (20”) operating width and tungsten tipped blades, it is ideal for golf greens, bowls,cricket and ornamental lawns. Regular use of this machine will help reduce thatch, improve the sward and encourage finer grasses to flourish and increased ball speed on all surfaces.

Verticut TT 
Operating width 500 mm (20")
Dimensions L x W x H 1300 x 700 x 1000mm
Weight (inc. cyl.) 120kg
Engine Petrol Honda GX160
  • 510mm (20”) operating width 
  • Easy height of operation control with a single point of adjustment 
  • Tungsten tipped blades – easily replaceable 
  • Low vibration handlebar nuts for sale, comfortable operation 
  • Honda Power – ultimate easy start life long life engine with Q9 low noise low vibration technology 
  • Easy start and simple operating system 
  • Hi comfort handlebars 
  • Cast ribbed aluminium rear roller in 2 pieces with all steel differential for long life and easy turning 
  • Excellent sight lines for operational purposes 
  • Secondary tube guard to help prevent the security pin being cut through an ‘anti-hammer’ guard plate is also welded to the framework 
  • Slow uptake clutch system for smooth take off 
  • Strong modular construction with high capacity grass box
Sports Turf Services (STS) have recently purchased a range of Dennis FT510 mowers and Verticut TT machines which are used at sporting facilities acros

Contractor Chooses Dennis for Reliability & Robustness

Sports Turf Services (STS), one of Scotland’s leading sports and amenity turf maintenance contractors has chosen Dennis as a key supplier of maintenance equipment. The contractor has recently purchased a range of Dennis FT510 interchangeable cassette mowers and Verticut TT machines. Managing Director Peter Campbell, who purchased the company in 2007, explained that they have used Dennis at cricket, bowls and golf clubs across Scotland for over twenty years.
Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

With strict regulations in place to protect worker’s exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV), professional grounds maintenance equipment manufacturer Dennis, are continually striving to improve their machines in recognition of the need to counteract harmful vibration. Vibration can damage blood vessels and nerves in the fingers, leading to a loss of feeling in the fingers and hands. It can cause the industrial disease ‘vibration white finger’ which, in extreme cases can make it too painful for workers to hold equipment.

The verti-cutter is an awesome tool controlling meadowgrass and letting the fine grasses thrive.

Andy Ryder - Head Greenkeeper - Brailsford Golf Club

I use the Verticut TT at 15 bowling clubs across western Scotland. Faster greens is the result. I've hired it out to friends and they've been impressed too.

Derek Logue - Derek Logue Groundcare, Argyll, Scotland