ES - 34R Electric Rotary Mower

The ES-34R is a 34" (860mm) battery powered twin blade rotary mower using the latest litium ion battery technology. It is ideal for fine turf mowing and cleaning up operations and is used in many stadia and training facilities. Utilising the contra rotating hardened steel blades and low chute ensures maximum collection performamnce.

The machine is fitted with a weather proof colour LCD programable display and keypad which operates the machine and  feedsback information to the operator including ground speed, battery charge level, instructions and much more. This can esily be updated and customised to suit individual customer requirements.

Whilst allowing groundstaff to achiev an easethetically pleasing appearance and desired playing surface,the E-Series range will also help meet sustainability and enviromental initiatives, minimise carbon footprint, emissions, running costs, HAV's and noise without any range anxiety.

Ideal For

 Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket  Suitable for Lawns Suitable for Contractors

ES - 34R Specification

Model ES-34R
Code: D152
Cutting Width: 860mm (34")
Height of Cut (sunject to conditions): 15mm - 50mm                                                     
Power Source/Output: 48v Battery System
*See options for choice of chargers
Dimensions - Width: 1168mm
                      Length (Wheel and brush configuration): 2311mm                     
                      Length (Front roller configuration): 2180mm
                      Height: 960mm
                      Weight: 220kgs

ES - 34R Features & Benefits

  • User Friendly easy to use keypad controls
  • Simple speed selections (ideal for slowing mower when turning)
  • Adjustable forward speeds to suit conditions
  • On screen usage data
  • Significant reduction in HAV
  • No need to store petrol on site
  • No fumes
  • No risk of contaminent fluid leaks
  • Full battery provides 5.76kwh
  • 2 charger options
  • Full battery performance of > 20km / > 4hrs / approx 2 footbll pitches
  • 2 section aluminium roller means easy turning with a great stripe
  • Reverse setting
  • Slow take up speed for smooth set off
  • Easy to adjust height of cut control
  • Choice of wheels, brush, smooth or weile roller at front of machine

Optional Items

ES-34R Chargers

650 Watt Charger (8 hours charge time)
3000 Watt Charger ((2 hours charge time)

ES-34R Front mower Options

ES-34R Front mower Options - Wheels
Smooth or Weile roller