March Maintenance

General Maintenance

Prepare your greens for the forthcoming playing season:

  • Roll the greens
  • Daily brushing and switching of greens
  • Worm control

Mowing should be carried out weekly, or as required, as soil and air temperatures rise in March. Regular mowing will now begin to develop an even sward and to keep the surface uniform. It’s important to gradually lower the cut until reaching the optimum playing height, try to keep it at 10-12mm at the start of the month and end around 8mm by the end of the month.

Only aerate when conditions allow, do not carry it out when there is likelihood of smearing or damaging the surface. Aerations is important to improve surface and subsurface drainage.

Pre-season scarifying should be carried out to remove moss, thatch and decaying matter that may have formed during the winter.

Ideally, you will have conducted a soil analysis and then can use this to ascertain the nutrient status of your green, which will help decide which fertiliser products you will need to buy and apply. Make sure you apply with recommended rates and don’t overdose the green.


Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

If you have not conducted a soil analysis here is another good reason to do so. You should have a full PSD soil analysis which will tell you exactly what percentage of clay, slit and sand your soil is made up of.

You can also establish the amount of organic matter content, soil nutrient status and soil pH, with this information you will be able to identify what your soil needs.

Further more these tests will allow you to check the physical conditions of the green, such as root depth, levels of compaction and aerobic state of the soil.

You may continue to apply wetting agents to help improve and enhance soil performance, which is a such substance that reduces the surface tension of liquid.

N:P:K: Keeping a balance of N P K nutrients within the soil profile is essential for healthy plant growth.

Weeds, Pests & Diseases

Daily brushing and switching should keep the green clean and remove any morning dew, keeping the sward dry and decreases the likelihood of any disease attacks.

The typical types of diseases you may come across are:

  • Fusarium Patch
  • Red Thread
  • Fairy Rings
  • Anthracnose

Use appropriate fungicides to control any further outbreaks, however, with the grass beginning to grow, it won't take long for these scars to grow out.

Machinery & Materials

It’s worth the money investing in a winter service, so have your mower serviced and sharpened ready for the new season.

Remember to check the condition of your machinery, and plan to get it repaired/serviced during the winter months.

  • Keep machines overhauled and clean.
  • Inspect and repair any watering or irrigation systems.