S500 Plus

The S500 PLUS is an easy to use 'dual -purpose' machine and is ideal for bowls, cricket and golf as well as being equally at home on other fine turf surfaces. The machine has a 510mm (20") operating width and has interchangeable spiker and slotter reels. The spiker reel punches through the "surface pan" allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the root zone, whilst the slotter reel creates ideal seed germination pockets. An optional seed box is available.

Ideal For

Suitable for Bowls, Croquet and Tennis Suitable for Football, Hockey and Rugby Suitable for Cricket Suitable for Golf Suitable for Lawns Suitable for Contractors

S500 Plus Specification

S500 Plus
Operating Width 500 mm (20")
Speed 0-3mph
Dimensions L x W x H 920 x 840 x 1003mm
Weight (inc. cyl.) 95kg
Engine (petrol) HondaGX120
Power unit with slotter reel D135/1
Power unit with spiker reel D135/2
Power unit with slotter and seeder box D135/3
Additional slotter reel D136/1
Additional spiker reel D136/2

S500 Features & Benefits

  • 510mm(20") Operating Width
  • Honda power – ultimate easy start long life engine with Q9 low noise low vibration technology
  • Interchangeable spiker and slotter reels
  • Large diameter spiker reel for maximum penetration
  • Simple changeover reel lock-easy to change over reels – under 1 minute
  • Easy to manoeuvre into and out of corners
  • Easy to clean reels
  • Only 90 minutes to spike/slot and seed the average sized bowling green
  • Simple heavy duty ground driven seeder box option
  • Compact handle design and simple to operate controls

Optional Items

Interchangeable spiker and slotter reels

Interchangeable spiker and slotter reels allowing duel use of the machine.


Glyn Jones - Didcot Bowls Club

We used to have a push along sarel roller but like most clubs there were no volunteers to use it and it spent most of its time in the hedge bottom. The S500 gives us mechanised surface aeration. We can use it as the weather dictates and it keeps the green surface open. Drainage has improved, the plants are healthier and we have noticed a marked reduction in thatch.

Dave Bracey - Turf Consultant to the IOG, EBA, BCGBA & WCGBA

Surface spiking is essential to break the pan of any fine turf. Healthy grass plants need air to their roots to thrive, keeping the surface open. Regular spiking with the S500 - weekly ensures open greens.

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Two - In - One: The Dennis S500 PLUS and Bray Hand Tools

With interchangeable heads on both the powered and hand tool versions, makes either of these options ideal for overseeding and aerating small or large areas on bowling greens, golf greens, tennis courts, ornamental lawns and well worn areas on football pitches such as penalty areas and touchlines.